When Should You Use Mineral Insulated Thermocouples?

When Should You Use Mineral Insulated Thermocouples?

There are many types of temperature sensors that you might use for your equipment or product manufacturing. So, how do you know the best design to choose for your needs? It is essential that you understand the options that are available and consider the way the temperature sensor will be used. One design that you might consider is a mineral insulated thermocouple.

Here at Kelvin Technologies, we are experienced in the temperature sensor industry. We offer high-quality manufacturing services that can be customized to meet your preferences. In addition to mineral insulated thermocouples, we also offer other products including thermistors and RTD sensors.

Thermocouples for Temperature Measurement

How does a thermocouple measure temperature? These tools are designed with two conductors that measure fluctuations in an electrical current. The “hot junction” has two different materials in that connection. There is also a “cold junction” that connects the thermocouple to the measuring equipment. These connections allow an electromotive force to be emitted so that the temperature changes can be measured.

Benefits of Insulated Thermocouples

The main benefit to choosing a thermocouple design with insulation is that you can protect the wires and the metal from the hot temperatures. If you are planning to use the sensor in a high-heat environment, then you need to make sure that the metal won’t melt when it comes in contact with the heat. Failing to plan for the wide-range of temperatures could leave you in a situation where the sensor malfunctions.

The insulation is designed in a specific way to protect the temperature sensors so that you can avoid these problems. The extra dielectric strength gives you the ability to measure temperatures in the extreme ranges. So, if you will be using the equipment in a harsh environment, then you might consider mineral insulation instead of other designs.

Customizing Your Thermocouple Order

When you are ready to order thermocouples or other types of temperature sensors, it is essential that you talk to one of our team members right away. We will ask specific questions to understand how the equipment will be used, helping you to select the design features and materials that will be best for your application.

For example, if cost is a factor and you won’t be using the sensors in a high heat environment, then it might not be necessary to choose the mineral insulation. So, you need to determine the heat levels that will be measured so that we can pick the right materials to match.

These custom solutions give you full control to manage your budget and you can design the best tools at the same time.

Mineral insulated thermocouples are a durable, rugged solution that can be used in a variety of conditions. If you need something that will hold up in a harsh environment, then you need to talk to our team about the benefits of thermocouples instead of other sensors.

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