Temperature Controls

Temperature Controls

Kelvin Technologies offers a wide range of Temperature Controllers used over a vast range of industrial, scientific and commercial applications. Available in all standard DIN sizes, our line of controllers include single loop, multi-loop, upper and lower limit control, power switching controllers as well as integrated controllers that combine temperature, process, limit, high amperage power switching and field communication capabilities in a single unit.

Temperature Indicators display bright and easy to read values for clear and precise viewing, which make them ideal for applications such as the food preparation, industrial, analytical and plastics industries.

Data Loggers offer you the ability to record data for post-process analysis via your personal computer.

Single and Multi-Loop PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controllers are used to automatically adjust outputs based on sensor feedback working to control process variables, such as temperature, pressure or flow. All PID controllers are UL and RoHS compliant.

Power Switching Controllers deliver power to electrical loads when current and voltage requirements exceed the capabilities available within the temperature controller.

Please feel free to contact Kelvin Technologies and we would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and recommend a cost efficient solution that works for you.