Kelvin Technologies manufactures a wide range of Electric Heaters, Temperature Sensors and Wiring Harnesses that are used throughout the SECURITY MARKET. Our most recent successes have been in chemical detection devices and the prevention of condensation and ice build-up on camera lenses.

With global unrest at a peak, there has been a rapid increase in the necessity for chemical detection devices that detect drug and explosive related particles, whether they be airborne or stationary. Kelvin Technologies has been instrumental in the design and supply of products used in these devices. Such chemical detection devices have become paramount to the safety and stability of most countries, and can be found in almost every airport worldwide.

Our products can also be found in security cameras used both indoors and outdoors to prevent condensation and ice build-up on the lens. Another worldwide application our products can be found in is the court ordered breathalyzers installed in automobiles after a DUI conviction.

The requirement of exacting tolerances and specific temperature profiles within this industry, make Kelvin Technologies the preferred source.