Kelvin Technologies continually adapts itself to the dynamic progression of the
TRANSPORTATION MARKET, whether it be air, rail or ground – people or products.

Customer applications within this sector demand the highest performance standards in the electronic components they use. Quality control, repeatability and longevity are crucial. That is why Kelvin Technologies leads the way with customized designs and complete manufactured assemblies that are perfectly suited to support the long term partnerships that we have developed with our OEM customers.

For example, you will find our engineered solutions in passenger buses, railway systems and subways – utilizing products such as Thermocouple and RTD Temperature sensors, Silicone Rubber, Kapton, Polyimide and Thick Film Electric Heaters, just to name a few.

Kelvin can offer over a century of experience when applying innovative solutions, products and services to your application. WE DON’T JUST SUPPLY COMPONENTS, WE SUPPLY ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS.