Tips for Price Negotiating with a Temperature Sensors Distributor

Tips for Price Negotiating with a Temperature Sensors Distributor

What is the budget for your temperature sensors order? Most companies are working with strict guidelines to manage the budget as much as possible. Whether you are buying a few hundred units or a few thousand, you need to do your part to reduce the per-unit cost.

As you are talking to your temperature sensors distributor, it is essential that you discuss your goals and your budget. Your distributor will help you identify ways that you can reduce costs without sacrificing function. Here are a few tips that you might use if you are trying to reduce the price of your order:

Bulk Discounts

Ask if the distributor offers bulk discounts? Sometimes manufacturers will provide a discount rate when you are ordering a certain number of units. Once the initial setup and prep work is ready in the manufacturing area, they have the option to produce more units at a lower per-unit rate.

So, look ahead to the future to determine the number of temperature sensors that you will need. If you are planning to re-order again in the future, consider combining the orders to see if you can get a discount on the overall cost.

Material and Design Substitutions

While you want to have high-quality sensors, sometimes the features that are offered are over-kill for the way the sensor will be used. For example, if the sensor will be used for a home appliance, then you don’t need a measurement range up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit! The sensors that withstand higher temperatures and harsh environments require durable materials, which could increase the per-unit price.

A better solution is to make substitutions with the materials or design to ensure that you have the functions that are needed. You might be able to choose a metal with a lower melting point or do away with some of the “extras” that aren’t necessary for your application. As a result, you can lower the per-unit cost and save money on the overall order.

Ordering from the Manufacturer

Does your distributor offer the manufacturing services, or are they ordering the materials from another company? When there is a 3rd-party involved, you can expect the price to be higher. Everyone needs to earn a commission on the sale, so the extra person will bump up the fees that you are paying.

Instead of buying your materials from a 3rd-party, go straight to the manufacturer so that you can get the lowest price. During the initial conversation, ask about the manufacturing location. If your distributor is outsourcing the manufacturing to another location, then it might be better to work with the manufacturer directly instead.

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