Why You Need Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Why You Need Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Have you heard about the many benefits of mineral insulated thermocouples? As you learn more about the temperature sensor industry, it is easy to see why these products are so popular. During the design and manufacturing process, it is essential that you are selective about the features that you need. Different types of materials, design features, and manufacturing processes can impact the durability of the product.

At Kelvin Technologies, we offer an expert team that is here to help. When you contact our company, you will have the opportunity to learn about the services that are available. We will work hard to put together the right design plan to match your needs. Together, we can assess your preferences and develop the best thermocouples to meet your requirements.

Thermocouple Longevity in High Temperatures

Even though thermocouples are designed to measure temperature, it is possible for the equipment to fail under harsh conditions. Basic thermocouples can only measure a small range with reasonable temperatures. If high temperatures are anticipated, then it is essential to choose materials that can hold up in the heat.

What will happen if the temperature sensor is exposed to a high heat environment? It is possible that the metal might melt. Another possibility is that the accuracy of the temperature readings might fail.

Often, thermocouples are manufactured with synthetic sheaths. This synthetic material will begin to show signs of wear and tear when it is in a high heat environment. There are ways to protect the equipment by using materials that hold up better in the heat.

Solution for High Heat: Mineral Insulation

To protect the metal in the temperature sensor, it is best to avoid the synthetic materials and choose mineral insulation instead. This insulation is built to cover the sensitive metal parts to prevent melting. In high temperatures, mineral insulation is fantastic to use because of the dielectric strength.

Mineral insulation is also helpful because it reduces the risk of equipment breakdown and corrosion. When you are using a temperature sensor, it is essential that the sensor provides accurate readings at all times. Failure to provide the correct temperature readings could potentially create a dangerous situation.

Choosing the right materials provides the foundation that is necessary for durability and longevity. Many common wear and tear issues can be avoided by simply picking the right materials and design features.

Designing Your Thermocouples

When it is time to order thermocouples, you will see that there are many advantages to choosing a custom design solution. At Kelvin Technologies, we offer the custom design services that you need. Our team will talk with you about the available options to identify the right products for your company.

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