Why Molded Transition Thermocouples are needed for Demanding Applications

Why Molded Transition Thermocouples are needed for Demanding Applications

Are you shopping for temperature sensors for the Hot Runner Industry or another demanding application? When the equipment is subjected to high heat and harsh environment, then it is essential to choose materials that will hold up. Molded transition thermocouples are a great option to consider because they are durable and effective.

Issues that Cause Temperature Sensor Failure

If you choose the wrong types of temperature sensors, then it is possible that you might experience a failure at an inconvenient time. In the situation where equipment has failed, it could potentially lead to misinformation or a dangerous situation.

Potential issues are common during installation, handling, or extreme cycling. Even if the thermocouples are installed correctly, high temperatures and frequent cycling can shorten the lifespan of the equipment.

Before ordering your temperature sensors, you first need to consider how the equipment will be used. Look at the environment, the anticipated temperature range, and how often the sensor will be cycling. Then, you can talk to an experienced thermocouple manufacturer, such as Kelvin Technologies. Our team will gladly schedule a time to help you find the answers to these questions. Then, we will identify the products and features that are a match for what you need.

Benefits of Molded Transition Thermocouples

What are the advantages of choosing thermocouples with molded transitions? One reason you should consider this manufacturing design is to protect the wires within the thermocouple. Certain types of metal can hit a melting point in high temperatures, causing the temperature sensor to fail. But, molded transitions can help you overcome these problems.

At Kelvin Technologies, we have a proprietary design for our molded transitions. We have found a way to manufacture the products to eliminate the leakage of moisture into the sheath. As a result, the lead wires are protected, and they can hold up in temperatures as high as 562 degrees Fahrenheit.

Choosing the Right Temperature Sensor Design

As you start the process to choose temperature sensors for your product or equipment, you will see that there are many design features to consider. We offer compact and unique design features that are easy to integrate into any system. Our temperature sensors are used in a variety of industries, and this equipment holds up well in harsh manufacturing and outdoor environments.

You might decide that the molded transitions are right for your needs. Or, you may consider using another one of the design features that we offer. The goal is to match the plans, design, and manufacturing to give you the exact specifications that you need. You will see that our prices are competitive and we offer cost effective ways to make it easy to measure temperature fluctuations.

Have you decided that molded transition thermocouples are right for your needs? Call our team at Kelvin Technologies Inc. to learn about the options that are available. Our offices are locatedat 1351 Matheson Blvd E #3, Mississauga, ON, L4W 2A1. You are invited to call our office to schedule a time to meet with one of our experienced professionals: (905) 238-7060