Mineral Insulated Thermocouples are Essential for High Heat Environments

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples are Essential for High Heat Environments

As you are comparing various temperature sensors, you will notice a difference in price depending on the features you choose. Most customers are focused on cost per unit, looking for every solution to reduce the price. But it is essential that you are careful to protect the durability and quality of the products. Don’t make the mistake of choosing materials that won’t hold up in high heat!

High Heat Applications and Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Mineral insulation might cost a little more compared to generic manufacturing services. Even though this feature is more expensive than generic products, it is worth the cost. If the thermocouple is used in a high heat environment, you need to be sure that the wires are protected.

Every type of metal has a melting point. High temperatures can cause the metal to change from a solid state to a liquid. If this happens to your thermocouple wires, then you will no longer have the ability to measure temperatures. You need to talk to an expert manufacturing team to learn about the types of metal and the melting point of those materials.

When the temperature sensor is exposed to high temperatures, there is no doubt that mineral insulation is the right feature for your needs. This insulation keeps the wires protected from the heat, ensuring the efficacy and durability of your product.

Choosing the Range of Temperature and Accuracy

In addition to mineral insulated thermocouples, we also offer a variety of other products. Our goal is to cater our services to each customer, giving you the best results with your order. When you contact our team, we will schedule a time to talk to you about how your temperature sensors will be used.

One part of this important discussion is the accuracy necessary, as well as the range of temperatures that will be measured. Gathering this information will allow us to make recommendations about the features that are essential for your application.

Keep in mind that some temperature sensors offer top-notch accuracy, but you will sacrifice the range of measurement. On the other hand, if the range is the most important feature, you might have a sensor with lower quality accuracy. When there is a large range, you can measure the fluctuations in a general sense, without the need to gather small details.

Leading Company in the Thermocouples Industry

Whether you are looking for mineral insulated thermocouples or another type of temperature sensor, Kelvin Technologies is here to help! We have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the temperature sensor industry. As you learn more about our company, you can see that we are dedicated to the quality of our products.

When you are ready to learn more about mineral insulation or other features, contact Kelvin Technologies Inc. You are always invited to visit us at 1351 Matheson Blvd E #3, Mississauga, ON, L4W 2A1. If you aren’t in the local area, then feel free to call our office with your questions: (905) 238-7060.