Important Information You Need to Know about Thermocouples Manufacturing

Important Information You Need to Know about Thermocouples Manufacturing

As you learn about different types of temperature sensors, it is easy to see why thermocouples are a popular choice. At Kelvin Technologies, we offer high quality, custom sensor manufacturing to match your needs. Many of our customers ask for thermocouples because these products are cost-effective and easy to use. Here are a few things that you should know if you are planning to order thermocouples:

Why are Thermocouples So Popular?

This type of temperature sensor is so popular because it offers a great value and excellent durability. These low-cost solutions are quite rugged, making them the perfect sensor for outdoor applications or within a harsh factory setting.

Another reason these products are popular is that they can be run long distances. It is essential that the sensor is built to last, to avoid a malfunction when the temperature readings are needed the most. Also, these products are self-powered, so you don’t have to worry about a separate energy source.

There are different types of thermocouples that can be used, depending on your individual needs. When choosing a thermocouple, make sure to consider the range of temperatures to find a product that will cover the full range needed.

Advantages of Thermocouples

If you choose a thermocouple, you will see that there are a number of different benefits to enjoy. The biggest feature that stands out is the self-powering benefit. Since the sensor can work without an external power supply, you don’t need to worry about building an extra power supply.

The other big advantage is the durability of this type of sensor. There are many industries that need temperature sensors in harsh, outdoor environments. A thermocouple will hold up in these rugged conditions.

If the price is a big factor for you, then you should consider if this style of the sensor will work for you. The price is much more affordable compared with other types of sensors that are offered.

Thermocouples Disadvantages

There are a few small disadvantages to using thermocouples instead of other types of temperature sensors. For example, these sensors are built to be non-linear, which means that you need to use a cold-junction compensation to accommodate the linearization.

Another small drawback is that they usually have low voltage signals. So, specific techniques need to be used to eliminate drift and noise if you are in a low-voltage environment.

Learn More about Temperature Sensors

Here at Kelvin Technologies, our goal is to offer high-quality temperature sensors for each customer. We work hard to stay ahead of the industry, allowing us to provide top-notch quality for every product. If you are trying to choose the right temperature sensor, then we invite you to contact us to learn more about thermocouples. We specialize in all types of custom temperature sensors manufacturing. Our team will gladly accommodate your needs to help you choose the right product.

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