How do Thermocouples Work?

How do Thermocouples Work?

If you need to measure temperature, then it is likely that you are considering thermocouples for your project. Do these sensors offer the right features to meet your needs? Talking to a temperature sensors expert is a great way to compare your options so that you can choose the products that match your requirements.

What is a Thermocouple?

This device is designed so that you can measure temperature in a variety of situations. The thermocouple has at least two pieces of metal, laid out in a way so that two junctions are created. One of the pieces of metal is connected to the part that needs to be measured, and the other junction is connected to a reference temperature.

This connection creates an Electromotive Force (EMF) that generates different levels depending on the temperature. A circuit can be formed, and the EMF is generated based on the changes in temperature. Metals can be great conductors of both electrical energy and heat, allowing you to measure the changes and fluctuations.

Why are Thermocouples Used?

If you are shopping for temperature sensors, then it makes sense that you might be considering thermocouples. But, you need to consider the different products that are available so that you can choose the best features for your needs. Here at Kelvin Technologies, we can help you compare the pros and cons of thermocouples, thermistors, RTD sensors, and other types of temperature sensors.

Thermocouples are often used in industry and science fields because of the features that lend well to these applications. For example, thermocouples can be used to measure extremely hot or cold temperatures, and they offer great accuracy compared to other sensors.

Since these products use electric currents that measure the temperature changes, they are great if automated measurements are needed. It is easier to use an automated system for regular interval measurements instead of manually reading the temperature with a thermometer.

Another reason that people often choose thermocouples is that they are relatively inexpensive. Small metal strips are cheap, and they can hold up in harsh settings and high heat. But, you need to be sure that the metal has a high enough melting point that they won’t fail under extreme temperatures.

Ordering Your Thermocouples

Are thermocouples right for your project? The best thing that you can do is talk to an experienced manufacturing team to learn more about the options that are offered. Here at Kelvin Technologies, we are proud to offer custom services for our clients. You can work with our experts to design the perfect products. Then, we will handle the logistics and manufacturing to ensure that you receive top-notch materials for your project.

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